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Character Design

Design a {topic} character with a fierce and determined expression. Use bright colors and bold lines to make them stand out.

Landscape Painting

Paint a {topic} landscape at sunset with warm, glowing colors. Include a body of water and some trees to add depth.

Fantasy Illustration

Illustrate a {topic} fantasy creature with intricate details and patterns. Use a mix of cool and warm colors to make it visually interesting.

Portrait Drawing

Draw a {topic} portrait with a somber expression. Use shading and cross-hatching to create depth and texture.

Abstract Art

Create an {topic} abstract painting with bold, contrasting colors and interesting textures. Use geometric shapes to add structure.

Still Life

Paint a {topic} still life with muted colors and soft lighting. Use texture and shadow to create depth and dimension.

Concept Art

Design a {topic} character for a post-apocalyptic world. Use weathered clothing and equipment, and add some makeshift armor.

Cityscape Illustration

Illustrate a {topic} cityscape at night with a moody, atmospheric vibe. Use a limited color palette to create a sense of unity.

Botanical Drawing

Draw a {topic} botanical illustration with fine details and a realistic style. Use colored pencils to add depth and texture.

Animal Painting

Paint a {topic} animal in its natural habitat with vibrant colors and energetic brushstrokes. Use a complementary color scheme to make it pop.


Create a {topic} cartoon character with exaggerated features and a playful expression. Use a bright, fun color palette to match the tone.

Character Illustration

Illustrate a {topic} character in a whimsical, storybook style. Use pastel colors and delicate linework to create a sense of magic.

Concept Art

Design a futuristic {topic} vehicle with a sleek and streamlined design. Use a monochromatic color scheme to give it a high-tech feel.

Landscape Painting

Paint a {topic} landscape with misty, atmospheric lighting. Use a cool color palette and soft brushstrokes to create a sense of tranquility.

Portrait Drawing

Draw a {topic} portrait in a traditional, classical style. Use hatching and cross-hatching to create depth and form.

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