Click To Tweet Generator (v1.3)

Generate encoded URL strings that you can hyperlink in your content to prompt readers to tweet

How to use the free online click to tweet generator?

  1. Clicking on the encoded url takes the reader to twitter, pre-populating the tweet content, hashtags and url, giving an excellent click to action to share any piece of info at a granular level.
  2. Enter all the details in the above form to generate the encoded url.
  3. Copy the url string and hyperlink it on any piece (any phrase, word, or even an image) of content in your blog post.
  4. You can further shorten the encoded URL using a URL shortner service like bitly to track your clicks
  5. Viola! You are all set now.
  6. For a live demo, click to tweet 👆 about this project!

Features of the click to tweet generator

  1. You can encode emojis and other elements of unicode in your tweet content, which would otherwise be difficult to do manually.
  2. Flexible to add all types of content, hashtags, account tags, urls, etc.
  3. More features, coming soon
    • Automatic trending hashtag generation based on tweet content

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