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I'm excited to share PromptGPT 🌟!

It's inspired by various prompt engineering frameworks on the internet and my experience with ChatGPT, forming a unique CustomGPT for creating prompts 🛠️ for just about everything.

It is your interface via which you can maximize your access and potential by invoking the best of GPT4.

The basic workflow is simple:

  1. Give an idea of your task — a one-line to start with.
  2. PromptGPT will craft a prompt for it and enter a feedback loop with you.
  3. It will give suggestions and ask you follow-up questions.
  4. It takes your answers, refines the prompt, and asks a new set of follow-up questions to improvise further.
  5. The loop continues.
  6. Once satisfied, you can ask PromptGPT to create a final master prompt based on the conversation. Use this prompt elsewhere, like some other GPT or ChatGPT itself, to get the optimized output for your task.

For more details, read this blog post.